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Beautifully illustrated children’s book about the Matson Line ships that sailed between San Francisco and Hawai'i in the early 1900s. Follows the adventures of a curious young mouse as he sneaks aboard the S.S. Lurline to go to Honolulu with his best friend, Sprecks the Seagull. Autographed

Matson is a curious, adventuresome young mouse from San Francisco. He loves ships, especially the big, fancy white passenger ships owned by the Matson Navigation Company that sail to and from Hawai'i every week. One day, while looking for his best friend Sprecks the seagull — a Hawaiian who frequently flies alongside the ships — Matson manages to board the S.S. Lurline, by scurrying along streamers thrown to shore by passengers. The whistle blasts! The ship is about to set sail for Honolulu! Matson looks everywhere for Sprecks, but his bird-buddy is nowhere to be found. The Lurline steams across the Pacific. Matson soon finds himself in one mess after another while looking for Sprecks on the high seas. As the ship nears Hawaii, Matson’s fortunes improve. He makes new friends, and he feels the “aloha” spirit for the first time. Matson’s arrival in Honolulu sets the stage for future adventures in his new-found island paradise.

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Matson the Mouse by Duncan O'Brien (illustrated by Robyn Drage)

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